My mission is to make sure the Spiritual Teachers of our time get their message heard.

  Build a Community

We learn better in a group, bouncing ideas off each other, having deep conversations, and shared understanding. An online community is easy to build if you have the right tools.

   Build an Online Presence

Building an online presence is a very effective way to reach those who are ready and looking. It has never been easier to create content and publish it online in various formats. I am here to help with the technology bit so you can focus on the teaching.

  Support your Mission

Easily set up a shopping cart and open revenue lines to support your mission. Focus on creating books, talks, or live events while I take care of the administrative stuff.

What is blocking you from sharing your teachings with the world?


       Increase your audience

    Invite your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Create content and easily post it on social media where more people can find it and connect.

       Train the next Masters

    Create and deliver training courses for the next Masters, from live workshops to online classes that students can study at their own pace. Connect with the most advanced students for a Master’s Class.


    Get together with other spiritual teachers in collaboration projects. Each unique perspective can lead to a better understanding of the shared message.