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My life began when I powered up
my first computer and then
Consciousness knocked at the door

I am fortunate to have always known what I wanted to do in life: computer programming. And the world of today seems to have been built to be programmed!

Anything technology sparks my interest and in particular computers. After studying computer science I decided to focus on the “Web” because of its global reach.

And now, all my tools and knowledge will be used to help Spiritual Teachers share the message of empowerment.

The things I believe in


Consciousness, and not Space, is the final frontier

I have decided to apply my technical skills to helping Spiritual Teachers spread their message. I believe that a leap in Consciousness is coming and I will do my part to help manifest that.

When you stop learning, you start dying.

The world is changing very fast around us. New technology emerges every day that empowers creators and takes power away from the big gatekeepers. I am curious about all of it and I also know it makes good business sense to stay informed and up to date. At least that’s my excuse for getting lost in long nerdy reads.

Follow Best Practices

My curiosity is tempered by following best practices in the field. The new shiny thing, that is not yet time tested, may not be the best choice for a project looking for stability and predictability. Learned that lesson!

The client is not always right

The client knows their business and more importantly, they know their goals. When they look for a strategy on how to meet those goals they need to allow the expert to diagnose and prescribe a solution. It is hard to get an outside perspective if you know you are always right, right :)?

Better to be safe than sorry

While I do understand that business involves taking risks, I also know that good businesses work on minimizing that risk. Because of this, I am a strong believer in having backups, a recovery plan, and using best practices and standards for long term projects. This lesson I resisted the most.

How I work best

I am here to do my thing, to enable you, to do your thing!

Struggling with strategy, planning, and especially following through? I am your guy!

You don’t know what to choose when it comes to building your online presence? What are the best tools for the job? What pitfalls to avoid? Just ask.

I believe that communication and trust are key to successful collaboration.

People and companies I have worked for

CakePHP,  HP, Orange, Siveco, ITC, Total Capabilities Center, Inelia Benz, Lucia Rene, Lori Spagna,  EmanationOfPresence