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I am not a techie

I am not good with tech!

“I am not good with tech” is one of the most common excuses I hear these days when someone is contemplating starting an online business. 

I am very good with tech, and I can say for sure that technology is not the problem. 

The problem is finding someone who cares. Someone whom you can help in a meaningful way. Someone who was looking for what you create. 

This idea is backward: “Oh, if my website were ready, and if it were stunning, then I would be inspired to write, to post my creations, to share myself. And the customers would line up.”

I know from experience that it will not work. The site’s creation will be challenging as you don’t know what to say or where to put it, and after you get it “done,” you still have to face the blank page of your next post or update. 

And you try to get it perfect so that everybody will like it, and no one will criticize it, and you delay posting. 

But once you do, what happens is that nobody reads it :). You would welcome a critique at this point because at least someone took the time to read and give some feedback. 

So don’t wait until you “figure out the tech” or find that “perfect free-lancer.” Instead, build a library of thoughtful articles, meaningful posts, well-crafted images, and engaging little stories. This library is half of the hard part. The other half is finding those who care.  

Once you solve those two issues, you will see how the “tech” was just an excuse you were hiding behind. 

Go build something with the tools you already have. 🙂

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