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Don’t build a website. Build a sales funnel!

This title caught my eye on the web. I have been thinking about it ever since.

It is a brilliant title because it immediately shifts your thinking about what you are building and for whom. 

When you are setting out to build a website before you answer the tough questions of what’s it for and who’s it for, you will be staring at a blank canvas, not knowing where to start, what should be at the bottom, and what are the items that you should have in the navigation. 

But if instead, you focus on building a sales funnel, everything suddenly snaps into focus. 

Sales funnels have a particular purpose: to convert an interested visitor into a customer. 

They accomplish this by guiding your visitor through a journey, from being interested, to being inspired, then making a purchase, and being a happy customer. 

And this journey could happen on your site, via email, or social media. 

Simply by reading the three paragraphs above, you have a much better idea of what your initial page should have on it: for sure, you need a way to capture that customer’s email so they can get on the journey. And you may not even need to have a top-navigation on that page! 

What if you build your website in a very purposeful way, where each page and each component of a page needs to have a business reason for being there? Would you do away will all the fluff? Will you focus on what your audience needs instead of what everyone else is doing?