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I am not a techie

I am not good with tech!

“I am not good with tech” is one of the most common excuses I hear these days when someone is contemplating starting an online business. 

I am very good with tech, and I can say for sure that technology is not the problem. 

The problem is finding someone who cares. Someone whom you can help in a meaningful way. Someone who was looking for what you create. 

This idea is backward: “Oh, if my website were ready, and if it were stunning, then I would be inspired to write, to post my creations, to share myself. And the customers would line up.”

I know from experience that it will not work. The site’s creation will be challenging as you don’t know what to say or where to put it, and after you get it “done,” you still have to face the blank page of your next post or update. 

And you try to get it perfect so that everybody will like it, and no one will criticize it, and you delay posting. 

But once you do, what happens is that nobody reads it :). You would welcome a critique at this point because at least someone took the time to read and give some feedback. 

So don’t wait until you “figure out the tech” or find that “perfect free-lancer.” Instead, build a library of thoughtful articles, meaningful posts, well-crafted images, and engaging little stories. This library is half of the hard part. The other half is finding those who care.  

Once you solve those two issues, you will see how the “tech” was just an excuse you were hiding behind. 

Go build something with the tools you already have. 🙂

Are you an explorer? Or do you prefer roadmaps?

The importance of having a strategy

This is the story of how it took me way too long to be where I am today. And the reason for that is because I refused to understand the power of having a strategy.

I don’t even have the excuse of not knowing this information. Book after book, coach after coach would bring this up I would not get it.

I was stuck in the mindset of “I will do it my way!

As you read this, you may do as I did and ignore the power of a strategy or maybe you will be different and make better choices :).

The reason I finally see the benefits of having a strategy is because now I value time more than anything else. If you don’t value time, a strategy will seem to just get in your way!

A good strategy saves you time

A useful analogy is to think of a strategy like a roadmap. Say you want to get from point A to B. You have multiple options on how to do it, and two of those are to use a map or to explore your way towards the destination.

The exploration part still feels enticing to me. It is fluid, it is playful, it is unpredictable, and who knows what you may learn or discover along the way.

But when time is of the essence, all these positives turn into negatives, especially being unpredictable and possibly never reaching point B.

These days I am much more consciously strategic, and I am choosing more carefully where I go exploring!

How is all this related to your online business

If you value time, a good strategy will get you to where you want to go much faster. Something as simple as being told on what are the best tools for the job can save you enormously in the long run.

Things like choosing your hosting provider, your website builder framework, how you send emails, how to deal with eCommerce, how to do tracking, and how to create a growth plan. You can learn all these by yourself, or you can hop on a strategy call, and in one or two hours you can have them. Then you are free to develop your business.

Strategy can compress time by a factor of 10, 100 and sometimes even more.

So, do you still want to spend time exploring and figuring things out? Or are you ready to buy a map? Either choice is a good one, as long as it is a conscious choice and you understand what you gain and what you lose :).