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Things are never going to get back to “normal”

This post will depart from the usual topics, but it will describe the underlying vision of what I have written so far.

“The world is changing” is probably the understatement of the year.

The latest “COVID” situation has amplified existing trends, and there is no going back.

Here is why.

There are three guiding stars that I look at when I try to predict the future:

1. Consciousness

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. ETs (as in “aliens”)

They may seem random or disjointed if you are new to these, but Consciousness unites them all.

Let’s start with the Aliens.

If you think there is no evidence for alien contact, start with Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project and go from there.

I could speculate why we don’t have “mass contact” yet, but let’s focus on observing how “normal” aliens have become: from the Vatican scientist writing about the subject matter to governments declassifying various documents, to the plethora of alien movies in the past decade.

Many people have different feelings about ETs, but I doubt many humans on the planet today have not heard of the words “aliens” or “UFO.”

So why are ETs so important?

It is primarily because their presence forces us to ask interesting questions:

  • What is our place in the larger Universe?
  • What is our relationship with other beings and possibly other dimensions?
  • Will they save us?
  • Will they destroy us?
  • What will happen with organized religion and our old belief systems?

And the most critical question for me is about technology: what kind of energy systems are they using to zip around the Universe? I bet they are not strapping a hydrogen bomb to their bottoms and hope for the best, as most of our rockets do.

Imagine for a moment what we could do on this planet with such a powerful and stable energy system. There will be no point in mining coal, extracting oil, or burning trees, just to mention the basics. That alone would have a massive impact on the quality of our air and the regeneration of our forest. But the more important aspect is that of self-reliance. Anyone on the planet would have their basic needs covered for free.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Imagine all humans on the planet free from the daily grind, from worry, from meaningless work, and instead just creating stuff out of being inspired to do so. Those humans would be very hard to control, convince to go to war in another country or be forced into compliance. The power structure we have on the planet today would be very upset by this.

The ET issue is connected with an expansion of awareness. And there is a solid case to be made that you need the expansion of awareness first, before being open to a harmonious open contact where we treat these beings like our distant cousins and not like our Gods or our Destroyers.

Let’s shift our focus to Artificial Intelligence.

Most people don’t realize this, but AI is here, and it is everywhere. Do you have a smartphone? Then you are linked to a powerful AI system that helps run your device while collecting data about you.

All of your activity online is tracked and analyzed by powerful AIs to spot trends, to create a more tailored experience, and, for sure, to try to control your perception as well.

AI use is not all bad. AI is a tool. As RFK Jr mentioned in his talk with Tucker Carlson (24:00 time mark), an AI system was deployed, as a test, to determine how effective the vaccines really are. Unfortunately, the system was shut down because the results did not align with the mainstream view. Still, the point is, AI is a powerful tool that can be used for good, and it can sift through a mountain of data to find inconsistencies, patterns, and connections that would escape a human mind.

If such a tool were to be asked questions like:

  • “What is the likely cause of this disease according to all the data we have,”
  • “How likely it is that we have a misdiagnosis in the case,”
  • “What industry is causing the most pollution on the planet.”

We might get very surprising and insightful answers in a matter of seconds. And with references to original studies as well.

Instead, AI is used to answer questions like “how do we capture the attention of children and young adults for profit,” “where to apply pressure to steer public opinion and perception towards a given agenda,” “what mechanisms of control are most effective with a population group or even individual?”

This AI tool gets even better and more powerful and an exponential rate. I hope that we start asking it better questions.

And finally, we have Consciousness, the thing that glues all these together.

For now, the most helpful way to think about Consciousness is to ask questions like “What is most important both individually and collectively?” and then look into “Why do I believe that?”

There are two common answers to the “What” question depending on where you look. One is to have power. And the other is to be safe. And the exploration of the “why” is revealing.

Power can help you get a sense of safety. But power can also be satisfying in itself, whether it is power over others or power over oneself.

Looking at why do we want to feel safe, what comes up to me is the fear of death. And behind that is the belief that death is the final end, the ultimate demise, and it will be painful too.

But is that true?

And here, expanding your Consciousness or awareness comes into play. If you can get, within yourself, at a place that cannot be hurt, destroyed, or killed, you can be at peace. You can look at reality as an exciting exploration instead of a continuous unfolding drama. And this shift in perspective can change everything both individually and collectively.

We are at a crossroads. The stars we guide ourselves by matter more than ever. Choose wisely.

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